Business visas

Let’s find the right visa for you

Whether you’re looking to settle permanently in the U.S. or work on a temporary basis, each visa class offers a different fit for the business investor or entrepreneur’s needs:

Permanent Residence Visas: The Green Card

The EB-1 Visa is designed for those individuals that have risen to the top of their profession: extraordinary ability, outstanding professors and researchers, and multinational managers and executives.

The EB-2 Visa is available to individuals in a profession with an advanced degree or with exceptional ability. A national interest waiver is also available.

The EB-3 Visa is available to skilled workers (individuals with two years’ training or work experience), professionals (with a Bachelors degree at minimum), and other workers.

For individuals looking to start or purchase a business in the U.S., the EB-5 Visa generally requires an investment of $1 million in an urban area ($500,000 in rural areas).

B-1 Visa: Establishing a business

The B-1 Visa enables you to establish a U.S. business. We can assist you throughout the visa and business set-up processes –including signing leases and entering contracts. Citizens from 36 countries can also establish a U.S. business through the Visa Waiver Pilot Program (VWPP).

H-1B Visa: Specialty Occupation

Looking to temporarily work in the U.S.? The H-1B Visa is designed for specialty occupation workers in a professional field (most often tech). If you meet the visa and quote requirements, the H-1B Visa is valid initially for up to 3 years and can be renewed up to a maximum of 6 years.

L-1: Intra-company Transferee

The L-1 Visa is available to business executives, managers and personnel with specialized knowledge who can transfer to a U.S.-based parent, subsidiary or affiliated company. An eligible person must have worked for the foreign entity for at least one year in the previous three years and in one of the above capacities. The maximum stay for executives and managers is 7 years. Those with specialized knowledge are eligible for up to 5 years.

E-1 and E-2 Treaty Visas

The E Treaty Visa is available to citizens of certain countries that have entered into a Treaty of Friendship, Navigation and Commerce or other such arrangement with the U.S. Most European citizens are eligible, as are citizens of other countries including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and Japan. The E-1 Visa is designed for treaty traders, while the E-2 Visa is for treaty investors. Both visas are available to individual entrepreneurs and employees of treaty trading or investing entities.